Thursday, March 22, 2012

National Service 101

What should I bring? :( I have no idea!
There you go. That is the same list that I referred to before leaving for NS. U can choose what to bring and what not to from the list.

I don’t want to get darker! NO! :(
Of course, when you talk about NS, the I-am-getting-darker-and-darker problem is the one that you can never run away from. You’ll really spend a lot of time under the sun, marching. So, make sure you bring along the sunscreen!

In my case, I did bring along the face and body sunscreen but I only use it during the first few days. After that, it just didn’t matter anymore cause I was too lazy and there just wasn’t enough time. I mean, sooner or later, you’ll be getting darker anyway.

Is the food served there gonna taste nice? Is it gonna be like my mom’s cooking?
No arguments, nothing in the world beats our mom’s cooking! Food wise, I guess it depends on the camp where you are going. As for me, at Kem PLKN Bukit Saban, the food was good. Unless you are a super duper picky eater, you’ll do fine with the food there. They will even specially prepare the food for you if you have any allergies and stuffs, so yeah. 6 meals a day! Prepare to gain weight sweethearts! ;)

But then, there will be no harm if you wanna bring along 3-in-1 drinks, biscuits and maggi cause sometimes the food served may not be to your liking.  

Should I bring along my I phone, my I pad, my smartphone, my camera to the camp?
It all depends on you. If you think you can take good care of your phone, then there will be no problem about bringing them along. But I suggest that you just bring along a cheap handphone; the one with the basic feature of calling and SMS-ing cause you will only get your phone back during the weekends, there wouldn’t be much to tweet or insta. :3

Guess that’s all for now. All the best for all of you who will be the next Wira and Wirawati Negara! Have fun!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

National Service: From Hate to Love

It was the best experience ever they said. It was uhh-mazing and of course ohh-sem they said. If given a choice, they would never wanna leave the camp they said.

Sure enough, I never believed them. Life is gonna be a torture!

January 4, 2012. It started. Kem PLKN Bukit Saban Betong, Sarawak was my ‘home’ for the next three months. *mentally shoots myself in the head*

Home? Nahhh. I dont think so. :(

The first week went by. The thought of running away from camp came to me every day and night. The second week went by. It’s not really bad but I still hate it here. The third week went by. I love it here and I never wanna leave the camp!

Kem PLKN Bukit Saban, Betong, Sarawak :>

Haha. Predictable eh?

Of course, it was really hard at first. Nothing is easy! I had to wake up so early in the morning and I can only go to bed around 11.00 at night. There was hardly any extra time for you to even have a proper and relaxing shower!

What we do every single day, you wonder?

4.30 am : Wake up, shower, then off we go to the mosque for 
                the Subuh prayer.
5.45 am : Assembly (Just like the ones that we have in school), 
                PT Pagi.
7.00 am : Breakfast, Class (Divided into the classes of 12, we’ll 
                then go to our respective classes then learn, discuss, 
                present on whatever topic given and complete all the 
                modules for PLKN)
10.00 am: Tea Break, then straight back to class again.
12.30 am: Lunch, then to the mosque for the Zohor prayer.
2.00 pm  : It depends. We will either have classes or marching 
                practice or outdoor activities. (We did flying fox, 
                canoeing, kayaking and we even went into the jungle! 
                Fun fun fun!)
4.30 pm: Tea break, then to the mosque for the Asar prayer, 
                after that we'll do some recreational activities up to 
                6.00 pm.
6.45 pm: To the mosque for the Maghrib and Isya’ prayers, then 
                we’ll have the night activities.Then finally when the 
                clock strikes 10.30pm..... It's bed time!

But really, the whole experience was more than just a hectic schedule, early mornings and tiring days. It was the new things that we learnt, the friendships that we made and the moments we spent together which made this experience one in a million.

Charlie Company FTW! :D
Ohh-sem people! :*

I remember how they were there for me when I had a tough time MC-ing events like the Hari Kebudayaan and Saban Idol. Cikgu Hamka, Cikgu Ju and Cikgu Ayatt never failed to cater to me; guiding me and assuring me that I am capable of doing a great job becoming the MC. 

I remember when I had a fever, my friends were there looking after me. They would ask me if I need anything, all the time. They were even scarier than those doctors and nurses in the hospital I tell you! 

I remember how everyone could really get along with each other no matter what their races are. I even had myself learning and speaking Mandarin and a bit of Iban also Bidayuh while I was in camp! Totally fun! 

Those were the real beauty of PLKN which I can never perfectly describe in words. You just have to experience it!

If one day your phone rings and you get the “Tahniah anda tepilih untuk menyertai PLKN……” message, just go pack up your bags and get ready for an uhh-mazing journey! Have fun sweethearts!

But sadly, every beginning has an end :(

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